Should I give in to rekindle my relationship?

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Should I give in to rekindle my relationship?

I need your advice.
Is my situation with my man serious? I met him three months ago, and two months into the relationship, he proposed to me. On the same night of the engagement, he requested for s°x, which I declined, insisting that if he paid my bride price, I would give him what he desired.
The next morning, I returned to my place, and ever since, our relationship has been strained. He doesn’t seem to focus on preparing for the marriage. I’m a virgin, which he knew when we started, and he agreed.
How can I rekindle the love and attention in our relationship? I truly care as I don’t want to lose him.

Chinasa Answered question March 12, 2024

He doesn’t love you or intend to marry you

He just wants to chop and clean mouth good a thing you didn’t agree to do anything intimate with him

Forget him
Move on with ur life
A better person will locate you soonest

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