She gets angry when i mention my ex but always mentions her ex

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She gets angry when i mention my ex but always mentions her ex

I’ve been in this relationship for about two years now and seriously considering getting married.

Before her, there’s this girl I dated and we were also looking towards marriage but something stopped it.

However we are still in good terms though I don’t let my current girl know that I still chat with my ex once in a while.

One thing I noticed is that my current girl mentions the name of her ex boyfriend very regularly but gets angry whenever I mention my ex girlfriend’s name.

She’s either talking about what she did with her ex boyfriend’s mother or she’s talking about her ex boyfriend’s sister.

She’s in good terms with them and I don’t mind neither do I mind that she talks about them once in a while.

She even introduced me to them once when her ex boyfriend’s mother had an accident that paralysed her waist down.

There other day I was just about to tell her that my ex who has been married for some years now had not yet delivered a child and she didn’t even let me land and started reverse psychology on me, claiming I always talk about my ex while she doesn’t.

Honestly I got very furious at that. Is she trying to play me for a fool or what? Is it wise to continue this relationship because as you see me here, I hate drama in my life.

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