Help! I Think my daughter belongs to another man

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Help! I Think my daughter belongs to another man


I picked my wife’s phone to make a call. I had a low battery. There was an unread message from a guy. My wife had saved his name with a lady’s name.

I wasn’t going to open it but because of the nature of the message, had to read their conversations. The unread message on her screen was {I will do anything for you sweetie}.

I know a woman can send that message but my instincts were telling me to confirm the gender from their chat. They had a long history chat. And calls. I discovered something that shocked me.

It was from their interactions last year, when my daughter was born. When my wife was in the labor ward, I was leading a presentation for our company.

In fact, when my wife forwarded the picture of my daughter to me on whatsapp, was about to give a speech at the meeting. I was so excited, I had to announce to everyone I had a daughter. I used FORWARDED because she originally had uploaded the picture to this man and captioned it, {Our baby girl).

I took my phone to scroll to see the time she forwarded the same picture to me after sending it to him. 45 minutes. I was an afterthought. My daughter’s middle name is a name he suggested in their chats.

What do I do ?

Anonymous Asked question January 18, 2023
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