He keeps reminding me I cheated on him, can I go on with marrying him?

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He keeps reminding me I cheated on him, can I go on with marrying him?

I have a relationship of 4 years
Is complicated right now
When we started dating, initially he never told me about marriage, we never thought of marriage, everything was moving fine until my family found out, my mom and dad Especially my mom disagreed to it said that I was too small for that because I was 19 years then, he said the looks unkept, his short and all of that
I started telling my mom to see reasons with me, I told him I love him so much that he should allow him in and know his intentions but my mom refused, when I saw what my mom was doing i started having issues with my mom
I started having serious issues with my family, my mom told every member of my relatives, everybody was against it

During those times he was spending on me, currently the work am learning now he was the one that helped me
When he started telling of marriage,I started misbehaving so he could leave me because I don’t want to marry him, Later around 2020 I started cheating on him, he found out but although I asked for forgiveness which he told me he has forgiven me, but things really changed from then on he no longer trust me, we starts to fight, he started to check on me every now and then

I was giving him attitudes, for him to see that am not interested in marrying him but I guess he wasn’t noticing it, then sometimes last year early December he found out again that I was still cheating on him, this Time with several guys, He became very very mad at me, things badly changed to the extend of my family tried to stop me from the work I was learning, but the guy again still stood for me said he has forgiven me, that they should allow me to continue with my work even if it means staying with me so that he can monitor me,Now as it is now we have issues everyday everytime, we end up fighting till the extend of him beating me up several times,we can’t have a conversation without him reminding me of how I cheated with him with several guys. His a hot tempered person,

Please I need your advice, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know how to get out of this relationship because it is really complicated, how do I marry him without him using those things against in the future, Initially I never planned marriage with him

Please I need your advice

Benita Answered question January 14, 2023

This relationship has all the signs of failure. Won’t advice continuing it

Jeff Answered question January 14, 2023
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