13 Fashion Hacks For Stylish Men


There are certain things every stylish gentleman should know, from tips on how to pop a bottle of wine to clear rules on matching your dress shoes to your suit. Here are some clothing and shoe tips that will make every guy’s life a little easier.

1. The “Sometimes, always, never” rule of jacket buttons 
One important rule to note is that the top button of your jacket should sometimes be buttoned depending on your style, the middle button should always be buttoned as it pulls the jacket together and is flattering, and the last button should never be buttoned as it ruins the tailoring of the jacket.

Idris Elba in a suit. Photo: Black America Web

2. The right way to roll shirt sleeves
Rolling the cuff slowly up your sleeve really isn’t the best way. Instead, roll back the cuff once and pull it up just below your elbow. Then take the bottom portion and fold it up so that it covers the bottom cuff. This way,  your shirt sleeves won’t unroll again.

3. Hanging suits and dress shirts 
Use cedar wood hangers to hang your suits and dress shirts. The cedar acts as a repellent for moths and absorbs moisture. The thicker hangers also will not damage or stretch out clothing.

4. Packing a suit
To pack a suit without getting it wrinkled, simply wrap the suit in tissue paper and put it in a bag to keep it in good condition.

5. Fold your sweaters
Hanging a sweater, whether thick or lightweight, will make it stretch over time. Instead, fold it your sweaters in your wardrobe.

6. Sockless shoes with no smell
One easy way to get a sockless look without your shoes smelling is to wear loafer socks. They are undetectable and very effective at soaking up sweat so that there is no stink when you take off your shoes.

7. Air-dry your clothes 
Avoid drying your clothes in the dryer at all cost as dryers only destroy clothing. To keep your clothes looking nicer and to make them last longer without shrinking, dry your clothes outside in the fresh air.

8. Always go for quality leather products 
Whenever you can, always try to buy full-grain leather products, including your shoes, bags and belts. This is the highest quality of leather and is more superior than genuine and top-grain leather. It will also last forever.

9. Invest in quality shoe trees
The best shoe trees for your expensive shoes are bespoke. A good pair of shoe trees will maintain the shape of your nice work shoes, prevent the leather from warping or cracking, and also absorb any excess moisture from your shoes so they don’t rot from the inside out.

Shoe tree. Photo: Wikipedia

10. Preserve your shoes with leather soap and oil 
No matter the weather, always make sure to take care of your shoes. This will help increase their lifespan and ensure that the nice shoes you invested in pays off for years to come.

11. Give your shoes some air 
Allow your shoes to breathe between wears. Do not wear the same pair of shoes every day as this will wear them out much easily. Let them rest between wears and they’ll last much longer.

12. Keeping your shoes from tumbling 
One way to stop your tennis shoes from tumbling in the dryer when you wash them is to close the door on the shoe laces so that they stay in one place. This will help the shoes avoid getting damaged by the dryer as they are thrown about.

13. Use a lingerie bag to dry tiny items 
A lingerie bag can be more useful than just underwear. For men, it is a great tool to use in washing loafer socks, watch straps, and other things that may get lost in the tumble when drying. It’s a win-win!

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