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How can I pay for the Duolingo English Test in Nigeria

In the realm of language proficiency exams, the Duolingo English Test has emerged as a favorable alternative for international students, offering a flexible and efficient way to demonstrate English language skills without resorting to traditional assessments like IELTS or TOEFL. However, a notable concern among Nigerian students revolves around the payment process for this test….

Can palm oil serve as an alternative for car engine oil?

Using palm oil as a substitute for car engine oil is not recommended. Engine oils are specifically designed and formulated to meet stringent requirements for lubricating and protecting internal combustion engines. They undergo extensive research and development to ensure they provide proper viscosity, thermal stability, corrosion resistance, and wear protection. Palm oil, while a natural…

How does rice save my phone that fell into water

When a phone falls into water, putting it into a bag of rice is a common DIY method believed to help absorb moisture and potentially save the device. The idea is that the rice acts as a desiccant, drawing moisture out of the phone. Here’s a general overview of the process: 1. Remove from Water:…

What are the essential requirements for starting a successful chicken farm in Nigeria?

The poultry business is still very viable in Nigeria despite the high cost of feed and drugs. It can still be a very good source of alternative income for you. Your budget depends on some factors such as the space you have for them. Do you have a structure already in place or are you…

Should I give in to rekindle my relationship?

He doesn’t love you or intend to marry you He just wants to chop and clean mouth good a thing you didn’t agree to do anything intimate with him Forget him Move on with ur life A better person will locate you soonest

Should I give in to rekindle my relationship?

My dear don’t say you don’t wanna lose him. What if he wants to lose you? Keep your virginity till marriage, if he doesn’t want it like that let him go, your own is coming. Engagement is not marriage. Use your brain. Please don’t vex me oo. Sis run ooo

Should I give in to rekindle my relationship?

His not serious dear let him be …..he thinks he can use engagement to get you but you surprise him

Should I give in to rekindle my relationship?

If you’re sure you’re a virgin Then sticks to your goal Only if you’re a virgin ooooooooo

Should I give in to rekindle my relationship?

Consider having a calm and honest conversation with your partner about the current state of your relationship. Share your feelings, emphasizing that you value the connection you both have. Express your concerns about the strain you’ve noticed and the lack of focus on preparing for the marriage. Reiterate your boundaries regarding intimacy and emphasize the…

Best city in Nigeria for a vacation?

One of the best vacation cities in Nigeria is Lagos. As the economic and cultural hub of the country, Lagos offers a vibrant mix of attractions and activities for tourists. Here’s why Lagos stands out as a fantastic vacation destination: 1. Beaches: – Lagos boasts beautiful beaches, including Tarkwa Bay, Elegushi Beach, and Lekki Beach….

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