USSD Codes For All Loan Apps In Nigeria

Title: Navigating Loan Acquisition in Nigeria: Harnessing USSD Codes for Swift Financial Solutions

In the dynamic landscape of obtaining loans in Nigeria, the emergence of loan apps has streamlined the process, offering a more convenient alternative to traditional bank visits. However, transcending the efficiency of loan apps is the utilization of USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) codes, a quick and expedited method for securing loans on the go.

Understanding USSD Banking:

USSD, also known as quick code, has evolved beyond its initial telecommunications service applications to become a powerhouse in the banking sector. With USSD, users can perform a myriad of banking services, ranging from generating tokens to making cardless withdrawals, all through their mobile devices. This technology eliminates the need for physical bank visits, providing users with unlimited access to financial services, including bill payments, fund transfers, and balance checks, without requiring an internet connection.

USSD Codes for Loan Apps in Nigeria:

To tap into the convenience of USSD-based loans, familiarity with various loan platforms, their respective USSD codes, and terms and conditions is paramount. Below are some USSD codes for prominent loan apps in Nigeria:

  1. Carbon (Paylater) loan – *1303#
  2. Fairmoney Loan – 3222#
  3. Kwik Cash – *561#
  4. AB Microfinance Bank – 389755#
  5. Aledin Nano – *903#
  6. Accion Microfinance Bank – 5726#
  7. Access Bank Payday Loan – 90111#
  8. ALAT Loan By Wema Bank – 945100#
  9. Interswitch – *322#
  10. Migo – *561#
  11. GTBank Soft Loan (QuickCredit) – 73751*51#
  12. Ecobank Xpress – *326#
  13. First Bank First Advance – 89411# or *894#
  14. FCMB – *329#
  15. GLO Cash – 3221104225701Amount#
  16. Zenith Bank Loan – *966#
  17. Payattitude – *569#
  18. Trader Moni – *540#
  19. Unity Bank Loan Code – *7799#
  20. Paga – *242#
  21. UBA – 91928#
  22. Fidelity Bank – *770#
  23. Polaris Bank – *833#
  24. Heritage Bank – *322#
  25. Standard Chartered Bank – *120#
  26. Keystone Bank – *533#
  27. Stanbic IBTC – *909#
  28. Union Bank – *826#
  29. Jaiz Bank – *773#
  30. Liberty Assured Loan – 347505#
  31. EasiMoni Loan – 347334#
  32. Zedvance Loan – *5858#
  33. Ferratum Loan – 3226#
  34. Kuda Bank – *894#
  35. Verve E-Cash Loan – 32260#
  36. Kwikmoney Loan – *561#
  37. Baoba Loan – 732348#
  38. OPay Loan – *955#
  39. Renmoney Loan – 72373001#
  40. Lapo Loan – *371#

Requirements for Using USSD Codes for Loans:

Before embarking on the journey of securing a loan through USSD codes, it is essential to meet specific requirements:

  1. Sign up with the chosen loan platform.
  2. Provide basic details (Name, Address, BVN, Valid ID Card).
  3. Provide your account number.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the USSD code for the selected loan platform.
  5. Review and understand loan terms, including duration, interest rates, and limits.
  6. Ensure timely repayment to maintain a positive credit score.

How to Apply for a Loan Using USSD Code:

Applying for a loan via USSD codes is a straightforward process that can be completed in minutes:

  1. Obtain the USSD code for the desired loan platform.
  2. Ensure all platform requirements are met.
  3. Dial the code on your mobile device.
  4. Follow on-screen instructions.
  5. Await loan approval, typically received within minutes.

Benefits of USSD Code Loans:

  • Ease of Learning: USSD code usage is user-friendly, making it accessible for individuals unfamiliar with more complex banking processes.
  • Swift Processing: Loan approval and disbursement occur within minutes, minimizing waiting time for users.
  • No Internet Connection Required: USSD codes function seamlessly without the need for an internet connection, enhancing accessibility.


Leveraging USSD codes for obtaining loans provides an easy-to-learn, swift, and internet-independent alternative for Nigerians seeking financial assistance. However, it is crucial to adhere to loan terms, ensuring prompt repayment to maintain a positive credit history and continued access to higher loan amounts. The comprehensive list of USSD codes empowers users to explore diverse loan platforms, each catering to unique needs and preferences.

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